Re: This used to be on disease and immunity

Eric Brunner (
19 Jul 1996 16:20:48 GMT

Gerold Firl ( wrote:
: Translation: you know full well that _red earth, white lies_ is
: chock-full of nonsense, errors, and transparent blunders, but as long as

Umm, last time there was a RE/WL thread I couldn't find a single person in
all of the x-posted news groups, other than myself, who actually went to the
bother to read the work. Before continuing this, is it too much to ask if
anyone has read the work in question?

: "Scientism", you say? Notice that proponents of "scientism" advocate a

See Kuhn at the least. It isn't as if this literature was crypto-creationist.

: It's sort of a deconstruction thing. On a tv game show, the judges are
: unseen, yet all-powerful. There is no appeal to their verdict. To your
: average joe sitcom, they are the closest thing to a diety ever
: encountered.


: To get back to the issue, you claim that humans have not made any
: biological adaptations in the "post-holocene" time frame; anyone with

None of relevance to the subject, Contact Period demographics and their
causal mechanisms.

: MB Williams informs me that she has some background in evolutionary
: biology; maybe she can explain it to you.

Some? A student of Doug Charles just has "some background" in that area?
Some one is offering understatement.

Eric Brunner