Re: This used to be on disease and immunity

Eric Brunner (
19 Jul 1996 16:24:22 GMT

Philip Deitiker ( wrote:
: (Eric Brunner) wrote:

: >Philip Deitiker ( wrote:
: >: Not that
: >: they are reliable, but they suggests that not all written reports were
: >: accurate as written, and the behavior is consitent with colonial
: >: behaviors in other areas were better documentation had occured.

: >: From a scientific point of view how does one _really_ (meaning
: >: definitatively) assess the relative impact of disease, dimunition of a
: >: favorable lifestyle, and aggression in overall mortality rates, if one
: >: is going to matter of fact quote mortality as disease mortality.

: >That is a line of work that has been ongoing in Contact Period Studies for
: >over two decades, and in "interacting" with MB, Domingo, and myself with a
: >stylistic "grin" you've been speaking to scholars. Rather inutile at that.

: Self proclaimed, huh.

Not necessary, but feel free to engage in any stylistic conventions you
prefer. Note that David Rindos just checked this newsgroup, so if you do
want to do more than just posture, you've the opportunity. If you manage
to learn anything about domesticants and cultigens, that would be to your
advantage as long as the subject area interests you.

: I'm beginning to formalized a hypothesis about how you interpret the
: biological sciences, and from a biologists point of view I don't
: thinks its a favorable one: I will outline the deficiencies in your
: responses below (after attempted de-encryptation)

Who cares? Deleted _before_ reading.

Eric Brunner