Re: What Matriarchy? (was Drugs etc.)

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Thu, 18 Jul 1996 03:30:53 -0700

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>Lisa L Guffy ( wrote:
>: The point behind the matriarchal society is the MOTHERHOOD is revered
>: and mothers are looked to for guidance. As for the weapons, I
>: don't think weapons automatically means that you are top dog.

There's a big difference between 'rule' and 'looked to for guidance'.
Plenty of societies look to their elders of both sexes for guidance,
whereas matriarchy I think means 'rule'.

> You are incorrect. Strictly speaking, the point behind a matriarchal
>society is that the women rule. That is the meaning of the word.

Are you sure? 'matri-' means mother, not woman, and my dictionary
(Chambers) has 'government by a mother or by mothers'.

Ashley Branchfeather