Re: On credulity and religion

Bryant (
17 Jul 1996 10:04:41 -0600

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>No. I addressed a specific argument which claimed 'conclusive evidence'
>which disproves the concept of life after death. I asked that this claim
>of evidence be substantiated.

Who made such a claim? What life scientist speaks of "conclusive evidence"?

>You continue to refer to my claims about God. I have made no claims
>about God, nor have I even said that I believe in a God. This is a
>conclusion you draw without any foundation.

>you: An absurd request, for the reasons I sketch above. More to the
>point, I never claimed (or, more cautiously, never meant to convey) that
>there was 'conclusive evidence' against an afterlife.
>Ah, you're getting the point. It was absurd to claim such 'conclusive
>evidence'. I merely challenged the claim. If you do not have such
>evidence, then do not claim it.

I didn't.

>you: You get brownie points with God just by disagreeing with me, after
>all. :)
>Obviously you must believe in a God to make such a statement.

Obviously, you have no sense of humor to take such a tongue in cheek
statement seriously.