Re: On credulity and religion

Stephen Barnard (
Sat, 13 Jul 1996 07:02:37 -0800

@#$%!?! wrote:
> : because we can see, measure, and describe them. Is that really as
> : irrational as making untestable claims about the origins of those
> Silly rabbit, logix is for kids. Do you have any idea how many
> untestable claims, how many controversies, how murky the semantics
> of "see", "measure", and "describe"?
> : are alluding to, here. He did, however, exist. There's
> Suppose I do not accept your statement Darwin existed. How would you
> force me to accept your beliefs as true?

He could put your hand in a vise and stick bamboo splinters under your
fingernails until you recanted, which is similar to the methods used
by religionists through the ages.

Steve Barnard