Re: diseases and immunity

Philip Deitiker (
Tue, 16 Jul 1996 00:10:28 GMT (Eric Brunner) wrote:

>When you get up off of the metaphorical floor, you may want to check and
>see if you rolled around in anything.

Yes, the metaphorical dung of Eric Brunner comes to mind.

>Domingo is rather more useful than
>four posters in this thread I can think of off hand, and the difference
>between the testesterone-is-everything poster, Firl, and your own posts
>is taxing to locate.

I see you've expanded your sphere of aggression. Did his theory
concerning testosterone cause you to reevalute some dimunition in your
anatomy? I had no qualms with his presentation, its a little bit
unbelievable but it represents possibilites which may have some
reverance. Its food for thought and should be treated as such.

You know I like to keep an open mind, its difficult when one gets
focused on a project or something; however, when I see responses like
this from persons like yourself you remind how very important it is to
stand away from ones personal beliefs and gain circumspect; for this I
thank you, since you verify to me what can happen when one becomes too
concretized in ones thinking.