Re: On credulity and religion

Bruce Sanchez (
10 Jul 1996 16:16:43 GMT

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>>launching into some useless arguement of me trying to prove
>to you which you are unwilling to consider) is this:
>>What are your thoughts about epistemology? Is empirical or
>theoretical knowledge the only valid way of knowing? If your answer
>yes then there is nothing left to say.
>>Shannon Adams
>Epistemology poses the question: How do we know what we know?
>Empirical scientific knowledge can only be gathered through the
>hence the only truth that this branch of philosophy can ever hope to
>examine and ascertain is the truth which can be proved or disproved.
>Much like James' Pragmatism, Epistemology inadvertently omits entire
>realms of knowledge, namely emotional knowledge, spiritual knowledge,
>and the aspects of the physical universe which we are not yet able to
>explain. Personally, I find the concept of God to be completely
>rational on its own, yet when one contrasts it with the theory of
>evolution, it becomes infinitely more rational. I don't know why
>people have a problem in accepting a God that always was and always
>will be, when the same folks can take a mass of chemicals floating
>around in the universe for granted--accepting on faith that this mass
>collided, exploded, cooled, and grew amebas who in turn acquired more
>cells which brought forth all of life as we know it. Thank you Mr.
>Darwin, our very own jolly Santa Claus!

Rosemary, What do you mean by "emotional knowledge"?

As for problems accepting God, I do not have a problem
accepting a god that "always was and always will be", the question is
what is the nature of such a god. I, for one, cannot seem to accept
the Christian conception of a god made in the image of Man, only more
Bruce S.