Any Reading Recommendations?

RMJon23 (
3 Jul 1996 01:35:53 -0400

Hello. I'm a beginning anthropology student - mostly autodidactical so far
- and would like some reading recommendations. Maybe my biggest problem is
that I'm fascinated by everything I've read which is even ~peripherally~
related to Anthropology. In the last 6 months I've read a college textbook
cover to cover, _Patterns of Culture_by Ruth Benedict, Colin Turnbull's
_The Forest People_ (this would make anyone love anthropology, it would
seem), ethnographies on the Mardudjara Aboriginies and Tepoztecans (of
Mexico), R. Leakey's _The Origin of Humankind_, and Marvin Harris's _Cows,
Pigs, Wars, and Witches_. I've been reading a few things on vanishing
peoples and cultures. I just finished an obscure textbook called
_Anthropology Through Science Fiction_ that I picked up at a library sale
for $1. It was pretty cool, but it seems the more I read the more ignorant
I feel.

What were the texts that fired YOUR enthusiasm for Anthro? What texts do
you consider indispensible for undergrad Anthro students?

As the Brits say, "Thanks in Advance"