Re: Status of Golden Bough

Phil Herring (
3 Jul 1996 05:41:08 GMT

In article <4qv6b2$> Matt Silberstein, writes:
>But TGB had significant non-scientific affects. 20th Century poetry was
>profoundly changed by TGB. Yeats and Elliot, for instance, owe much to
>Fraiser. And on the Krurtz bookself is, not only a copy of TBG, but a copy
>of Elliot's "The Hollow Men". So the connection was real for Francis.

There is also a copy of _From Ritual to Romance_ in the same shot. For
first-year English I wrote an essay that described the similarities between
_Apocalypse Now_ and the Fisher King myths, based on this observation.
(With Kurtz as the wounded king - the role of Willard depends on which
variant of the myth that you read).

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