Re: Mead's Daughter

Stephen Barnard (
Sun, 30 Jun 1996 00:17:38 -0800

Fred G. Athearn wrote:
> They also seem to think that this is a good time to go after her
> stepfather (painted as a spook for working with the OSS during
> WWII) and to go after her mother as follows:
> >>>>> "Larry-Jennie" == Larry-Jennie <>
> >>>>> writes [in]:
> Larry-Jennie> BTW, are you aware that Houston's and Bateson's
> Larry-Jennie> mother, Margaret Mead, fabricated from whole
> Larry-Jennie> cloth her infamous studies on Samoan culture?
> What is the story on this? How can this charge be answered?
> What is its source? Any responses available on line?
> --

It's not quite true, but it's not that far from the truth. She based
her studies on lies from Samoan women, which she credulously accepted
as truth. I wouldn't assign any nefarious motives to Mead, but she
was guilty, at least, of a lack of proper skepticism, and of wishful
thinking in support of a political agenda.

Steve Barnard

BTW, I'd like to give Hillary Clinton's psychologist friend (can't
recall the name) the benefit of the doubt, but I did read a very
new-age type quote of hers in the newspaper that was really gross.
The article also claimed that she's been padding her resume. All this
is no big deal, but it indicates that she lies somewhere between the
psycho-babbling airhead (according to the Republicans) and the
world-renown scholar (according to the Democrats).