Re: Mead's Daughter

Fred G. Athearn (
30 Jun 1996 00:47:14 -0400

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MC> Margaret Mead & Gregory Bateson's daughter is Mary
MC> Catherine Bateson. She's an interesting writer and
MC> speaker.

BILLC> Interestingly she's a partner with the psychologist
BILLC> who's been called a "spiritualist" by the press in the
BILLC> Hilary Clinton affair.

The flame masters on the other parts of the web have been trying
to paint her and her partner as CIA-linked LSD experimenters.

They also seem to think that this is a good time to go after her
stepfather (painted as a spook for working with the OSS during
WWII) and to go after her mother as follows:

>>>>> "Larry-Jennie" == Larry-Jennie <>
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Larry-Jennie> BTW, are you aware that Houston's and Bateson's
Larry-Jennie> mother, Margaret Mead, fabricated from whole
Larry-Jennie> cloth her infamous studies on Samoan culture?

What is the story on this? How can this charge be answered?
What is its source? Any responses available on line?

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