Re: Strange Maths (was Re: Why not 13 months?)

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22 Jul 1995 15:46:43 GMT

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>In article <3upsee$>, (Dezyner) wrote
>+weren't the Great Pyramids constructed before the invention of the wheel?
>No. Wheels on carts are roughly a thousand years earlier than the pyramids,
>and potters' wheels a thousand years earlier still. That's in Mesopotamia
>rather than Egypt, but Egypt absorbed considerable Mesopotamian influence
>in the pre-dynastic period.

I know of no examples in Egypt which date back to or precede the fourth
Dynasty. Would you care to cite a few? There were also no examples of domestic
draft animals that early in Egypt either.

If you know of some evidence to the contrary I would like to hear about it.

>Michael L. Siemon