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Doug Merritt (
Sat, 22 Jul 1995 16:09:08 GMT

In article <3upj3a$> (Whittet) writes:
>In article <>, says...
>> r = sqrt( (100*pi/4)^2 + 100^2) [...]
>> theta = 51 degrees 51 minutes
>>Ta-da. Simple, and easily within reach of Egyptian technology. All
>>they have to do is measure 100 units for the height and 100 rotations
>>of the wheel for the base.
>So since the base is for each new row of stones is a little smaller than
>it was for the last one we laid, do we build a new wheel for each course?
>How do you keep the coursing straight as we go up?
>How do you get this to give the slope equal to 1 stadium which is equal to
>1/600 of the Earths circumference at the equator?

So here I answer one question, about the angle of the side, and you
immediately challenge with a slew of other questions. Why don't
you just go read a good book about pyramid construction? There are
some excellent archaeological theories on the subject that you would
do well to acquaint yourself with. If you had, you'd already know
the one about 51d51'.

Others have already answered at least some of your questions; I just
threw in the 51d51' calculation because I figured no one else would
bother to do the math. The rest of the answers are there for the
taking, if you have an open mind about it. (Questionable.)

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