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s> ...There are many things beyond our ability to see (for
s> example what's outside the universe). We can never find out by the
s> ascending process of science. The ONLY way we can know is if we can find
s> an authority...

I think that you can understand that I have trouble accepting
this authority. As explained earlier, for the information in a
telephone book, there is an easy explanation where it comes from.
In a case like this, there isn't.

s> >...If I walked up to someone and said: "I have climbed a
s> >mountain, got a vision, I know everything, you have to accept my
s> >knowledge!", do you think, they would do it? No, because their
s> >common sense tells them not to.
s> No. You are correct...
s> ...But the real qualified spiritual master can explain
s> everything very clearly. In the beginning there are so many questions and
s> the disciple must also test his intending spiritual master to see if he is
s> actually qualified, there is no shortage of false, cheating gurus... This
s> has made things a little difficult, but still the way to get knowledge is
s> to find a real guru.

So what I should try, is to find someone who has an answer to
everything that I want to know. That certainly causes trouble, if
a scientific and a non-scientific person try to follow the same
"master". And - what I personally don't like about it, is that
there is no proof at all.
This master would have to be all-knowing. What I am asking myself
here is why there are different views, different things taught by
different, BUT ALL-KNOWING persons. There has to be something,
that is not known. And in a case like that, it is up to me to
believe someone. And in exactly that position, I could be told
basically anything. It is this fact, that I don't like. And I
assume it is this fact, that so many people who are scientists
don't follow the way of gaining knowledge that you are

s> ...But intelligent,
s> thoughtful people also surrender to a bona fide spiritual master to get
s> real knowledge...
Well, I wouldn't.

s> If you find the Absolute Truth you will never have to stop believing in
s> it. You will be completely satisfied with it. You don't have to change...
O.k., just one thing: If you know the absolute truth, why haven't
you told it to your friends and they have told it to someone else
etc.? Where do _you_ (or the "master" you got it from) know it
from, that this world's scientists don't know it?

One more question I am interested in: Have you ever questioned
anything you were told? I do not mean asking "But why?", but
saying "No, that's wrong because...". And if yes, were you able
to speak to your "master" about it?

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