Re: The Flat Earth? - Conclusion

Richard Harvey (
18 Jul 1995 08:14:56 GMT

Sandra Russell ( wrote:
: In <3t1a3t$>
: (Matthew Scott) writes:

: >God makes everything easy for us, just possible. First of all, it's
: not really
: >a particularly important question (in the large scheme of things) what
: the distance
: >to the stars in question are. Second, our capability to measure this
: distance is
: >adequate. Therefore, it is by no means time to expect an emergency
: message from
: >God about the distance to a star. Keep in mind that God is a parent
: with a lot of
: >responsibilities.

: ROFL! And what was our Parent doing during Auschwitz? Getting drunk at
: the corner saloon while nobody baby-tended? Or do you suppose that the
: millions of Jews, Gypsies, etc. and others getting tortured, starved,
: murdered, etc, in unspeakable ways, forgot to add in their prayers that
: their problems were an "emergency"?

God gave man a free choice...
Man wanted to kill jews...
God forces no one.

God probably will save a lot of those Jews...
The murderers will die...
Soon there will be no auschwitz...
YOU are responsible for YOUR actions, not God...
It is going to come again in prophecy,,,more martyrs.

It was not always this way...
sin caused men to become insane...
men are insane...
look at Bosnia, Kuwait...
Soon the insane men will be resting forever, never to kill again...

PS God doesn't drink wine, that would be a sin, and God does not sin...

: Steve Harris

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