Thu, 13 Jul 95 14:24:28 -0500

NE>narrative about the diffusion of "Western culture" of
NE>service in understanding the raid on the Rainbow War-
NE>rior II (or why Burmese and Chinese authorities haven't
NE>simply executed Aung San Suu Kyi and Harry Wu)?

The Chinese haven't executed Harry Wu because they are hooked on

Ms. Kyi looks like she finally made a deal with the generals; dialogue,
she says, is better than disaster.

As for the French navy, they beat up on the Greenpeace ship because
that's the only adversary they can whip, and it has been such a long
time since they whipped anybody. They would really like to test their
bomb on Bremerhaven, but they don't have the guts, so they will follow
our example and pollute the Pacific. If the French actually go through
with this, I am going to see about getting a gene transplant!


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