Re: Evolution, aggression, and men: Hormones matter?

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18 Jul 1995 14:59:19 -0600

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Greg Stevens <> wrote:

>irritability. But here cause and effect is interestingly tangled.
>If increasing testosterone has the effect of inhibiting noradrenergic
>activity, and dominance increases testosterone, then it could be that
>rather than the perspective "noradrenergic activity leads to aggression"
>it may be more informative to say "noradrenergic activity leads to
>the desire to be calmed, and one channel for this is via dominance leading
>to testosterone-induced inhibition of noradrenergic activity."

If dominance is a given once obtained, this makes sense. If, however,
dominance is challenged often, achieving it is not a good technique of
soothing one's nerves.