Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique)

Triple Quadrophenic (
11 Jul 1995 09:25:32 GMT

In article <>, (Richard P. Muller) says:

>I believe that the Sumerian number system was based on 60 (1*2*3*4*5).
>This is also a good explaination also for why there are 60 minutes in
>an hour. Similarly, the number 12 (1*2*3*4) plays a large role in many

This is what happens when you use the calculator built into Windows
then, is it?

>similar cultures. I think that people believed that whatever calendar
>system they chose had to fit into cosmic harmony as they saw it, and
>so they shoe-horned the calendar into 12 months, even though 13 may
>have been more practical.

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