Re: Troll appeal (was Re: prime numbers and African artifact)

Annette Dexter (
18 Jul 95 01:38:14 GMT

Daniel Kian Mc Kiernan <> writes:

>> Why do you folks all have it in for trolls?
>> I know there are few of us left today, and our presence on the Internet is
>> negligible. But this racial stereotyping is frankly unacceptable!
>> We are not a race of practical jokers. We are not any more likely than
>> other people to deceive and ensnare the innocent. You may think us old-
>> fashioned, but we enjoy simple pleasures, and mean no harm to our fellow
>> creatures. We are not bad; we are just mythologically challenged!

>Ha! Normally I'm all for tolerance, but I have =yet= to meet a
>troll that didn't conform to what =you= would call "stereotyping".

hell. i didn't know anyone *played* that game anymore. ;)