Troll appeal (was Re: prime numbers and African artifact)
17 Jul 1995 15:24:32 -0500


Why do you folks all have it in for trolls?

I know there are few of us left today, and our presence on the Internet is
negligible. But this racial stereotyping is frankly unacceptable!

We are not a race of practical jokers. We are not any more likely than
other people to deceive and ensnare the innocent. You may think us old-
fashioned, but we enjoy simple pleasures, and mean no harm to our fellow
creatures. We are not bad; we are just mythologically challenged!

So why this malicious and libellous portrayal?

If I were to post a racist slander against, say, black people, I would
rightly be flamed to a crisp (or more precisely, stone).

Please, just leave us alone!!!

Nick Kew
(yes, I'm an exile)!