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Madhudvisah dasa Swami (
Thu, 29 Jun 1995 01:04:27 GMT wrote:

>>I have not said "technology is a bad thing". But I have questioned the
>>current direction. I have also said we can't, in reality improve the
>>"quality of life"... This is my most controversial statement because it
>>questions the basis of current western "civilization"...

>All you nead to be happy is warmth, food, water and enough sleep even in
>western civerlisation it is possibal to understand that. modern technology
>just makes it easer to obtain those things and gives us time to worry about
>other things. personaly i regard the lack of small pox epedemics, cholora,
>polio ect as a great boost to my quality of life.

Yes. But we have AIDS, cancer, heart attacks and stress-related problems
to make up for it...

Still those of us who are destined to get sick because of our bad karma
get sick...

We also take birth in a certain society because of our karma. So you get
born in America because you have qualified yourself for a better
lifestyle... It's not that all places are the same. Some countries are
very nice, some are very hellish...

(BTW you are not guaranteed a birth in America next time around...)

Thank you. Hare Krishna!

Madhudvisah dasa Swami

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