Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

29 Jan 1997 01:03:00 GMT

Bob Whitaker <> wrote in article
> Wilford M. S. wrote:
> > The only thing we have to watch out for is that humans don't become
> > "purebreds" and develope all of the genetic diseases asociated with
> > inbred dogs.
> Another standard clone statement: Unless races interbreed, they will be
> inbred. This says that a gene pool of hundreds of millions of people is
> inbred.
> A single race today is more numerous than the entire human race was
> anytime before 1800. This means that, according to this sillyass
> comment, all mankind was always inbred.
> Don't you clones have any intellectual shame at all?
It is hard to believe that this is anything but a facetious comment.
is breeding with only close relatives. The best way to ensure that you will
not likely mate with another person with the same recessive harmful allele
is to mate with someone very different from yourself. This means mating
with someone from what is called a different race.
> To say there is no white race is to admit you are out to destroy it,

Do you understand the irrationality of what you are saying? How can someone
be out to destroy what he believes does not exist?

> and that is your excuse. You are admitting that anyone who belives
> there is a white race is justified in accusing you of genocide.

Genocide? Who said anything about genocide?

> You
> admit that you do demand massive third world immigration into ALL white
> majority countries, and ONLY into white majority countries.
> You demand racial balance in EVERY white majority country, and ONLY in
> white-
> majority countries. If whites trry to escape, you demand busing and
> black ("low-cost")
> housing to chase them down.
> Quite a coincidence, if the white race doesn't exist.
> Your excuse is your admission.
None of this makes sense. Who demands all this?
Please fill me in since I missed part of this discussion.

Never underestimate the power of human stupidity" -- Robert A. Heinlein.

Saulius Muliolis.