Re: why apes but no apemen?

daniel hwang (
29 Jan 1997 00:37:27 GMT (Susan S. Chin) writes:

i'll put it this way....

why did the aust. and para. produce no surviving decedendents but the
ancestors of pan trogolodytes continue to survive to this day?

wouldn't you expect aust. or para. to move into the chimp habit in the
tanzania forest and drive them out, as they themselves were being driven
out by the more advance homos.

>: (daniel hwang) wrote:
>: >one creationist argument against evolution is this,

>: >why do we have extent chimpanzees and gorillas but no
>: >specimens of the australopithecus, parantropus, or homo genus?

>: >any ideas?

>Michelle Malkin ( wrote:
>: Yeah. They died out when more advanced forms developed and either killed them,
>: developed better methods of hunting or intermingled with them. Didn't you ask
>: this same question last week?

>: Michelle Malkin

>Also, since we are descended from some lineages of Australopithecus and
>Homo, the question of why aren't they around today is like asking why
>one's ancestors are no longer living. Wouldn't make much sense if you put
>it that way, would it?