Re: There are racists; but no races.

Steve Barnard (
Sun, 26 Jan 1997 16:17:42 -0800

Toby Cockcroft wrote:
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> >Toby Cockcroft wrote:
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> >> 2) What are RACES: what is WHITE and what is BLACK? How can I tell the
> >> difference between one and the other? Upon what criteria do make these
> >> distinctions; are these criteria legitimate ones and how come?
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> >I'll bite. How can you tell the difference between "white" and
> >"black?" What are the legitimate criteria, if any?
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> > Steve Barnard
> Sorry Steve but is this a question for me or for Bob? The question that I
> posed was in response to some spew from Bob Whitaker. However, the
> questions aren't the point the point was that I knew he wouldn't reply and
> he hasn't.
> Bob Whitaker is a coward.
> Toby

I couldn't agree more with your assessment of Bob Whitaker. Being a
coward is one of the more positive aspects of his personality.

Actually, the question was for you. Do you think one can tell the
difference between white and black? (I do, but it isn't a simple
question and there are shades of gray, so to speak.)

Steve Barnard