Re: There are racists; but no races.

Laurie & Drew Beck (
Mon, 27 Jan 1997 21:24:11

I really hate to inflict this on the readers of these newsgroups, but I
think that I realized something about Mr. Whitaker--he's persistent (and
consistent). I think the following exchange kind of sums everything up.
Sorry for filling up bandwidth, but I added a little to the end. Here we

>> First, Bob said:

>> >> In article <> Bob Whitaker <> writes:
>> >> > You clones consistently demand massive third world immigration into
>> >> and>integration in All white majority countries and ONLY white majority.
>> >> >Your "mulitracialism' is alwasy for Oslo, NEVER for Tokyo.
>> >> >You know very well what the w hite race is, you target it perfectly.

>> Then, Drew replied:
>> >> Bob, you're MISSING THE POINT. We want YOU to define who's white and
>> >> who's not. You've heard me say this before, but it wasn't that long ago
>> >> that my Irish ancestors weren't considered very white. I really want to
>> >> know if that's changed over the years. And I want to hear it from YOU and
>> >> your buddies, the racial experts. I'm just a novice at this race stuff. I
>> >> mean, a human being is just a human being to me; I don't really care what
>> >> color his/her skin is or what his/her hair looks like. I've got a lot more
>> >> important things to worry about in life. So I need your HELP in defining
>> >> who's white and who's not. I mean, this stuff must really be important if
>> >> you're getting so worked up over it.

>> Then Bob answered:

>> > No, I do not defend the right of my race to exist. Why should I?
>> > Your interest in your so-called "non-racism" is limited to immigration
>> >and integration in white majority countries. You try to hide that
>> >behind a pretense of objectivity, but that's ridiculous.

Finally (& wearily), Drew replies:

>> Thanks ONCE AGAIN for completely evading my questions and diverting the
>> discussion to immigration and integration...subjects I didn't even bring
>> up. And who said anything about defending the right of "your" race to
>> exist??? I think I'll step outside and piss into the wind. I'd at least
>> be accomplishing SOMETHING by doing that.

Then Bob hit the ALT-CLONE macro key again, saying:

> It would be more productive than your "argument".
> As I explain to each of you clones in turn, my problem with your
>so-called"antiracism" is that you are only interested in doing it in
>white majority countries. You demand massive third world immigration
>into EVERY white majority country, and ONLY into white majority
>countries. You demand your so-called "race" mixing, which is actually
>only *white* mixing, and you use public moneyt for busing and
>"low-cost"(black)housing to chase down any white escapees.
> Your so-called solution to the race problem is always only the final
>solution to the white problem.
> Don't worry, I'll keep repeating this until each and every one of you
>clones has
>heard it.

You know Bob, you're right...pissing into the wind is much more productive
than continuing this thread. I'm done. This isn't fun (or instructive)
anymore. I'll let someone else beat his/her head against the wall for
awhile. Mine hurts, and the banging noise is keeping the neighbors awake.