Re: The Death of Agrippina

Matthew Bloch (
Mon, 27 Jan 1997 12:32:45 +0000

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> Toronto, Friday, January 24, 1997: A sixteen year old boy is in custody
> in North York [a suburb of Toronto] after killing his mother. The 38-year
> old woman was stabbed several times. Police believe that he had been
> reading a pornographic story on the internet that dealt with matricide
> Name of the accused is being withheld because he is under age.
> Quirk ( wrote:
> : The following is a one scene vignette from new testiment era history
> : from a seeries I am working on called "65ad". It is as accuarate a
> : historical account as I could construct using available sources. I
> : hope you enjoy it.
> : ** WARNING ** The Following Article Contains
> : ** WARNING ** Graphic Sexual Violence.,,,

<yawn...> Please don't bring this tired old argument up; so what if a writer
decides to post something blatantly pornographic? Morally aprehensible,
maybe, but let's not start implying that the writer is irresponsible by
posting snippets from the completely biased and generally clueless media. If
there's someone who is unbalanced enough to start acting out stories he
reads, he ought to have been put in a padded cell long ago.


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period of history is meant by "The Classics", no-one else does either.'