Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Bob Whitaker (
Sun, 26 Jan 1997 09:55:48 -0500

Ron Kephart wrote:
> <> wrote:
> > So you are a race denier also. Explain, please, what *you* mean by race
> > and by "biological reality."
> Frank,
> I will answer, although I'm not the person you asked. I have type O
> blood. Let's say I need blood, and there are two donors available.
> One is a "white" person (by North American def.) with type A, and the
> other is a "black" person (also by North American def.) with type O.
> And, by the way, I am "white".
> If I accidently get blood from the person of my "race" I'm a dead man.
> That is biological reality. Getting blood from the "black" person
> has no consequences at all. None. Although I suspect there are people
> reading this who think I would start waking up in the middle of the
> night craving watermelon. To those people I say: Go back to school,
> and learn something this time!
> No one has ever suggested placing people into races on the basis of
> blood type, and yet that would be a more biologically meaningful way
> of doing it. The fact that we don't shows that "race" is a concept
> constructed for convenience, in this case the convenience of being
> able to categorize people as legitimate targets of European military,
> political, and economic exploitation. Skin color is a convenient,
> easy to spot marker; blood type is not. It's that simple. I can't
> make it any clearer, so I'm going now.
> Ron Kephart
> University of North Florida

Please do go. You're a moron.
If you are driving through a city, you don't look for blood types to
see wether an area is dangerous, you look for color.
When selecting a country to demand their world immigration into, you
look for one which has a white majority. You would never seriously
demand massive third world immigration into Japan, but only into Europe
and America. You demand massive thrid world immigration into and
integration in ALL white majority countries and ONLY white majority