Re: The Death of Agrippina

Jim Butterfield (
Thu, 23 Jan 1997 08:39:52 GMT

Quirk ( wrote:

: The following is a one scene vignette from new testiment era history
: from a seeries I am working on called "65ad". It is as accuarate a
: historical account as I could construct using available sources. I
: hope you enjoy it.

: ** WARNING ** The Following Article Contains...
... no plot, no historical insight, poor
sentence structure, bad spelling, no character development, and little
relevance to most of the newsgroups in which it was posted. (Here come
the cancelbots!).

One can understand posting to, where even worse writing
can be found (and some that's quite a bit better). And misc.writing is a
newsgroup where writings can hope to find constructive criticism. But
it's hard to see how this piece of doggerel wold relate to Italian
culture, the study of history, other disciplies such as mythology,
archaeology, anthropology, or the humanities.

Looks like an ego trip: "I must post to every newsgroup I can think of
because my words are so important". Sigh. Another one of those idiots.
So Quirk favour everyone in:

tor.general (Yes, he lives in Toronto, I'm ashamed to admit)

Another oaf using the internet for vanity publishing.