Re: Yuri's Reluctance

Michelle Malkin (
Thu, 23 Jan 1997 06:54:40 GMT (frank murray) wrote:

>On Thu, 23 Jan 1997 03:30:40 GMT, (Michelle
>Malkin) wrote:

>>I didn't mean to make it appear that your offers to Yuri weren't sincere. I'm
>>sure that they were. That's the whole problem. Since your offers were sincere,
>>why was Yuri so rude as to not even reply to either of you. A simple, "Thanks,
>>but I can't go at this time" or 'medical problems prevent' or 'no gelt, no go',
>>would have been enough on his part. A silence like that reflects his own lack
>>of sincerity. He apparently prefers his armchair to getting his hands dirty (or
>>wet in this case) on the real thing. Either that or he's afraid of revealing his
>>actual lack of knowledge. I apologize if I sound nasty, but people like Yuri
>>make me see red.

>i've no doubt that the invitations were made in good faith, but might
>they have more diplomatically been made through private email??...the
>contentious nature of the newsgroup lends the air of challenge to any
>such invitation made here...both the decision and the grounds for
>making the decision to accept or not accept such invitation is
>nobody's business but yuri' demand that he make public his
>answer to a misplaced invitation is an unwarrented intrusion into his
>personal affairs...please cease this activity...


I doubt that the invitations were misplaced - that is an assumption of your own.
And, after all, Yuri could have called them on it - in public. And, I don't
really care what his reasons for not going were - that is his business, and I
was only suggesting things he might have said to those who invited him. What I
was really curious about was the fact that he didn't respond at all. That was
simply rude. Sometimes it is difficult to tell what you can or can't comment on
in a public newsgroup. But, since this is between Yuri and the two people who
invited him, I'll drop it.