Re: Beyond The Naked Ape

Bob Whitaker (
Mon, 20 Jan 1997 19:16:43 -0500

Fernando Raimundo wrote:
> Hello.
> I read The Naked Ape when I was about 16, and it made a big impression on
> me. Now at 33, I think the book suffers from many Morris's excesses, and
> contains a lot of speculations. Still, I think the core of it has, well, a
> kind of down-to-earth, simple, and irrefutable (huh...) veracity.
> In certains circles, however, it appears to be considered good scientific
> practice to declare any idea as nonsense, if that idea had been stated in
> The Naked Ape...
> Is there a reason for that? The Naked Ape itself is my only window in that
> particular area; I know of no other work seriously taking on the same
> subject. So are there other serious works on the same subject, no matter
> what the conclusions are? Any opinions? Any comments?
> Thanks,
> Fernando Raimundo

I thought Robert Ardrey's books were a hell of a lot better. Did you
see those?