Re: Is the Swastika evidence of a common origin?

Dan Moore (
21 Jan 1997 13:40:22 GMT

Apologies if I screwwed up the atributions, but I think I got them right.

In article <>, says...

Gerry Palo said:
>>}The Philistine needs to learn that there are different kinds of literal
>>}truth than those that apply only to gross matter. Pictures of this kind
>>}are meant to enlighten just such folks, all of us really, if they will
>>}only open their eyes and minds to new possibilities.

Steve Pridgeon <> wrote:
>>So is the chest hair really there, or do you just have to believe in it?

Gerry Palo said:
>Are these the only possibilities you can think of? (From your remarks so
>far, I am afraid they are.) Didn't you ever read about symbolism in one of
>your school classes, perhaps in an art course? The artist's arrangement
>of the hair would be considered a symbolic gesture to indicate a spiritual
>truth in pictorial form. We are talking here about the meaning of the
>hooked cross beyond its use by the Nazis. Why is this so difficult for
>you to understand?
>Gerry Palo Denver, Colorado


If you are going to cross-post to a gaggle of science groups
you are just going to have to expect that a bunch of flaming
agnostic types are going to take pot shots at your symbolic
constructs. Would you expect us to do less? The symbolic
constructs you are defending aren't in the world of matter
and energy and are immune to objective observation and rational
interpretation, and therefore, are not the subject of science.
Around here you are going to have to produce a hairy kid or blow.

Dan Moore

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