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>> Ed Conrad ( wrote:
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>> : ... FYI, a multitude of review articles about human evolution has
>> : been published recently in the scientific and lay press.
>> : Unfortunately, stacked together -- a height of approximately 17-feet,
>> : 6 3/4 inches -- they fail to contain half as much truth as is found in
>> : the following two eye-opening paragraphs which appear in the yellowed
>> : pages of the book, ``Apes, Men and Morons," written by the late Dr.
>> : Earnest A. Hooton, longtime professor of anthropology at Harvard
>> : University:
>> and

>> : ``I can point to many anatomical features
>> : of man in which the known courses of evolution
>> : can be explained plausibly by the theory of natural
>> : selection, but I do not know of one in which
>> : it can be proved."

>Since science never involves "proof", we shall be charitable, and assume that
>the good professor has joined the ranks of academics misquoted by unprincipled
>creationists. ...
> Pat Parson
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Hmmm! You might have something there, Pat.

But I sort of wonder how ``unprincipled creationists" could've
misquoted Dr. Hooton in this particular instance since both of these
quotes appear verbatim in HIS book, ``Apes, Men and Morons."

Of course, maybe the ``unprincipled creationists" had an ``in'' with
either the publisher or the pressroom foreman.