Re: Is Levi-Strauss essential? was It still works? Avoid it anyway.

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Fri, 17 Jan 1997 04:46:42 GMT (Toby Cockcroft) wrote:

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>>>And -- what anthropological literature IS useful to science fiction and
>>>fantasy writers?

>Perhaps it has been mentioned before but one individual that you might want
>tyo read is Ursula K. LeGuin both an eminent anthropologist (from a long
>line of anthropologists all the way back to Boas: but I'lll let you find
>out how for yourself) and an eminent fictional novelist. LeGuin manages to
>combine the best aspects of anthropology and fiction in her novels, _The
>Right Hand of Darkness_ immediately comes to mind. If you want what is
>perhaps the best example then this is it.

>As far as L-S is concerned the reader must not forget how L-S uses literary
>tropes and styles to convince the reader of both his authority and the
>beleivability of the cultures that he is describing, and here I am
>referring specifically to _Tristes Tropique_.

>Perhaps anthropological knowledge can supply the fiction writer with a
>model of how society works but it is the skills of the fictional writer
>which gives life to that society to the readers. Anthropological knowledge
>is no enough, one must also be a writer.


Wonderful suggestion, but the title of the book is "Left Hand Of Darkness".

Michelle Malkin