Is Levi-Strauss essential? was It still works? Avoid it anyway.

Dan Goodman (
14 Jan 1997 18:11:50 GMT

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Chad Ryan Thomas <> wrote:
>Seriously, though, if you don't buy Levi-Strauss, you can't buy the majority
>of modern thought on the structure and function of human culture. If you
>throw that out, you no longer have ethnographic analogy to help you
>understand alien cultures, and then a whole slew of bad things start to
>happen. (Again, this is just my take on it, and I've found several people
>on the 'net who think differently with quite a conviction. So please don't
>think I'm trying to impose my views on you.)
Question for sci.anthropology -- is this an accurate assessment of
Levi-Strauss's place in anthropology (and related disciplines)?

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