Re: Is Levi-Strauss essential? was It still works? Avoid it anyway.

Julia E Smith (
15 Jan 1997 19:20:35 GMT

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Mike Chary <> wrote:

>Largely. It's certainly true that Levi-Strauss's brand of structural
>anthropology is pretty pervasive. OTOH, you still have other viewpoints,
>and finding an anthropologist to disagree with another anthropologist about
>something doesn't require a search party or even a lunch break :)

I wouldn't call structural anthropology of *any* sort pervasive at this
point. Important historically, clearly. Vital that any anthropologist be
familiar with what he said, assuredly. However, I think there's a lot of
more recent, more interesting work out there. Most intellectual
descendants of Levi-Strauss would identify themselves as
post-structuralists, or structural Marxists. I doubt you could find an
unmodified structuralist out there anymore.

Julia Smith
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