Re: Homo erectus: racial variants of Homo sapiens?

Debbie (
11 Jan 1997 06:59:16 GMT

There has been much talk about the author Zecharia Sitchens "Earth
Chronicles" and his extensive work into Ancient Sumer. There seems to be a
common thread that runs through all cultures. This thread is depicted in
Biblical Genesis, however, in a very condensed version. In my studies, I
have found that Homo Erectus suddenly appeared after a very long period
prior to Cro-Magnon. There is also the theory that life was seeded from
space. The Scientific family have even jumped off their high horse to
collaborate this. Along with these notions, the seeding of the earth along
with the creation is wonderfully depicted in Sitchens books, especially,
"The Twelfth Planet", "When Time Began", and "Genesis Revisited". I would
recommend this reading to any and all 21st Century Anthro's.
Personally, I am not an over-religious person, but if you read Genesis and
compare this to the much, much older Enuma Elish (Sumerian Creation Epic),
there doesn't seem to be any room for doubt. To sum it up....Did a Highly
advanced Super Techno Race (GOD) appear yugas ago and genetically perform
in vitro fertilization with ape-woman. Is this our "Created in the image of
God" scenario. Why Africa, the ancient sumerians depict these Gods coming
to this planet in need of an earthly mineral needed for their atmosphere.
Our spacecraft has a thin "gold" coating over the windows for the
protection of the Astronauts from harmful radiation. I have never been
"alien crazy", but I must admit, in my studies of the Ancient Sumerian
society and the early Judaic civilization, it seems remotely possible that
the great Jewish Father Abraham whose origin was from sumer could have been
the Author of Judaic belief, bringing his knowledge of the Creation of the
earth and people to a people starving for a religion.