Re: Homo erectus: racial variants of Homo sapiens?

Dan Barnes (
Mon, 13 Jan 1997 18:35:56 GMT

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I'll SNIP out all the bits the Jim Foley's excellent Fossil Hominids site already
deals with a just comment on this:

>>From Maclean's magazine (Canada's weekly newsmagazine):
>That would place him [Java Man] in the era of modern humans---and argue
>against an ancestral relationship."If these dates are right," said
>Rightmire, an anthropologist at the State University of New York at
>Binghamton, "the multiregionalists will have to do some fast
>thinking."...The new findings also challenge the rival Out of Africa
>theory. That view holds that modern humans emerged in Africa as recently
>150,000 years ago and spread around the globe, driving Homo erectus into
>extinction---well before the era pointed to by the new
>science section,"The origins of man", Dec. 23, p. 69)
In fact if the dates are right (pos. a big IF - pos. not) then they would support the
OoA theory in that our groups of hominids were forced to extinction by incoming
AMHs from Africa. The time range of the dates 53 - 27 ka would suggest that
the AMHs that are believed to have made it to Oz by c. 50 ka could have
co-existed with H.e. (I tend to think Ngandong is an archaic H.s. but that doesn't
matter for this point) for a good few thousand years before out competing them
for resources. This would be expected if AMHs were responsible for their