Re: Is the Swastika evidence of a common origin?

Gord Bowman (
9 Jan 1997 04:57:40 GMT

Richard Ottolini <rick@oas.Stanford.EDU> wrote...
> Like you can find cross-like symbols just about everywhere
> before 33 A.D. too. Simple symbols are obvious and often re-invented.

I totally agree, and the cross is probably the simplest of them all which
is no doubt why it's found practically everywhere. The swastika seems to me
to be a bit more complicated but regardless of that, it may well be that it
was invented independently by different civilizations. However, I notice
that it often seems to have some deep and religious interpretation such as
the Wheel of Life or the Sun Wheel rather than something more mundane. This
could be seen as improbable, or at least curious.

Gord Bowman (