Re: mortar of pyramid absorbs strain of horizontal sliding

Charles R. Pfaff (
Wed, 08 Jan 1997 19:57:20 -0800

John the ForeRunner wrote:
> Nobody seems to care to gather all the tower of Babel stories.
> Since I view the Genesis TOWER not as merely Babel's first but
> as the world's product of vain productivity and working classes
> (as the automobile is and was) in destroying the world and
> its real chances of survival,
Hogwash I Say. Tower of Babel just another Creation Myth.
Confusion of language would have caused abominable dicension amongst the
different peoples causing war and other race prejudices. not something a
good God would do, but an ignorant non-moraL HATEFUL GOD; i THINK YES .
>I compare these traditions.
> One specifically says God kept throwing the stones down.
> Common knowledge reveals Egypt's pyramids kept collapsing
> when too great of weight was reached due to height.
Common Knowledge....... There is no such thing until we all speak with
one language and one understanding of that language.
Engineeringingly speaking many of the older Pyramids were more
successful than the ones built later in imitation of the older perfect
ones. check the dates on the different constructions.