mortar of pyramid absorbs strain of horizontal sliding

John the ForeRunner (
Wed, 08 Jan 1997 10:45:10 +0000

> says...
> >There was no mortar used to build the Great Pyramid.
> >Who the hell would use mortar when you can cut rock perfectly to fit. wrote:
> Gee... did they use a laser to do this?

Limestone melts together from simple condensation or dew after 4000 yrs
making it look like perfect cuts. Listen well to enough TV documentaries
or what you read of others and your ears will catch the amazing facts which
are far more sensational in amazing the learner than the sensationalism of
false theories.

> >And what good would mortar serve on a 2 ton slab of rock.
> >Now the casing may have contained mortar, but I am not sure.
> >Please be more specific with your source on this mortar.

> Seem to me that they would need to put a deformable medium between
> the blocks so that when the blocks expanded horizontally by elastic
> strain the load would be spread around point contacts. If you let
> point contacts distribute the load the block is more susceptible to
> fracturing.
> Archae Solenhofen (

Nobody seems to care to gather all the tower of Babel stories.
Since I view the Genesis TOWER not as merely Babel's first but
as the world's product of vain productivity and working classes
(as the automobile is and was) in destroying the world and
its real chances of survival, I compare these traditions.
One specifically says God kept throwing the stones down.
Common knowledge reveals Egypt's pyramids kept collapsing
when too great of weight was reached due to height. This was due to
the blocks or bricks laid flat which would slide outward.
The collapsed towers were abandoned (never used) and tilting the
blocks inward is what then took the weight at the proper angle.
But that was not the only scientific word of God they had to overcome.
The last word is still God's because Earth's precessing axis caused
these great costing projects to be useless (as the observatories they
are) after the stars precessed. How is it aPharaoh has two pyramids
if they were tombs. How is it no mummy was found in any pyramid
itself other than Palenque Mexico.

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