Re: Is the Swastika evidence of a common origin?

Stephen Watson (
8 Jan 1997 15:56:27 GMT

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Gord Bowman <> wrote:
>The Swastika (the original, not the flipped Nazi version) is an ancient
>symbol of unknown origin that has been employed for thousands of years as a
>religious sign and a decorative emblem. This symbol appears in such
>cultures as ancient China, Egypt, India, old Norse, Ancient Crete, Mayan,
>Aztec, American Indians, and the list goes on.

FWIW, the late Carl Sagan, in his book _Comet_, suggests that the
swastika originated with the apparition of a rotating, jetting comet
which occurred some thousands of years ago. This would account for
the symbol being so ancient, and widespread.

IMHO, this was *not* one of Sagan's finer moments -- too much of a
just-so story for my taste. (Still better than anything V********y
came up with, though).

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