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Fri, 03 Jan 1997 13:44:32 -0500

G*rd*n wrote:
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> | >| ... If there's inter-breeding along the way with <whatever>, there
> | >| are still only seven possible outcomes for each individual (i.e. assigned to
> | >| one of the seven races on the basis of their overall score with respect to
> | >| *MULTIPLE* traits).
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> | >You can certainly construe human beings into seven races by
> | >means of (physical) traits. Or eight or six or five
> | >billion or one.
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> | >So what? The point is that race is a social construction,
> | >an arbitrary division of the human race into categories that
> | >have not been demonstrated to have any significance.
> | Unless, of course, you want to be admitted to Law School,
> | Med School, want to work as a fireperson or just get a job.
> | Then it seems to take on great significance, doesn't it?
> I suppose so. Not long ago I was at a meeting of
> technicians and businesspersons in the New York City area.
> There were 27 people at the meeting, of whom 3 were female.
> None appeared to be of African ancestry, and one may have
> been Hispanic. Given the proportions of these categories in
> the surrounding population, this configuration seemed quite
> remarkable, and I have no doubt that you're on to something.
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You will never address this, of course, but race is significant in that
the ONLY countries which are to become "multiracial' are those which are
now white majority. EVERY country which is now white majority is to
become 'multiracial". You talk of a multiracial France and a
multiracial Australia and multiracial Finland, but it's Africa for the
Africans and Asia for the Asians.
Your aim is a racially Asian Asia, a racially African Africa, and for
all white majority countries to be turned in to an ugly brown soup.
Of course, it just HAPPENS that everything you say is leads to that
conclusion, right?