Re: There are races

Ron Kephart (
4 Jan 1997 20:02:33 GMT ("Duncan R. MacMillan") wrote:
> But the point is the relative numbers contributed by the different
> races to crime and to hi-tech jobs. I won't play along with The Great Lie
> anymore.

No, that's not the point. The point is that the differences you refer
to can be explained entirely without reference to biology. The point
is that differential access to education, jobs, etc. in a society will
produce differential representation in areas such as crime, and high
tech jobs.

The same is true for differences in so-called "IQ".

When will you people get a grip and understand that the folk
categories of "white", "black", "asian" etc. do not reflect
underlying biological unities? These are not biological races, and
socially defined differences between them, such as what sorts of jobs
they end up with or performance on socioculturally biased tests,
cannot be attributed to biology.

Ronald Kephart
University of North Florida