Re: Q: Did the lost continent of Mu really exist?

Vladimir Vooss (
Fri, 03 Jan 1997 20:16:18 +0000

Jiri Mruzek wrote:
> Vladimir Vooss wrote:
> ...
> > My own view is that Mu and Atlantis did exist, and their
> > full story will never be known. Little peeks can be had, however.
> > Vladimir
> Speaking of Atlantis, do you have a speakable opinion on the
> Science-Art?
> What if the Atlanteans left us time capsules, just as I speculate?
> With an Atlantean V salute,
> Jiri

I don't know what you mean by Science-Art. The way I understand this
phrase, the Great Pyramid is such a thing. As to time capsules, the New
Ageies will tell you that some of the "power generators" from Atlantean
times exist, some in, er the Bermuda Triangle. I don't think so. My
personal opinion is that no time capsules exist of Atlantis. It was a
yuga or two ago... What does exist, however is the Atlantean incarnated
stream. In other words, some of the hippest of today's modern people are
said to be reincarnations of Atlanteans. But you know how much trouble
just (re)incarnation could bring to this discussion.

While on the subject of art, did you know that the (Atlantean???, credit
that to Leonard Nimoy) V salute is said to mimic the Hebrew letter Shin?
Would that make Vulcans, as well as Atlanteans Chosen people, as well?