Re: There are races

Jim Walsh (
Sat, 04 Jan 97 05:38:32 GMT

In article <>, (David C. Waters) wrote: wrote:
::: Unless, of course, you want to be admitted to Law School,
::: Med School, want to work as a fireperson or just get a job.
::: Then it seems to take on great significance, doesn't it?
::It also seems to be significant if you work for Texaco and you're
::expecting a promotion into management, or if you want to rent a car in
::North Carolina,

Wrong. Before the intervention of the courts, racists employed at TEXACO
hired, fired and promoted what were perceived by them as "Whites" to the
detriment of those perceived by them as "Black". The settlement contains
assurances by TEXACO that its employment decisions will NOT consider race in
the future.

All these "white power" pricks are concerned because their perks, their
ability to get jobs and promotions without qualifications, their special
accesses to higher education are being taken away. Racist decisions (by
"white" racists, mostly, are being eliminated, and that has them scared.

Love, Jim Walsh

[P.S. I sometimes correct spelling and
grammar in quoted material without
intending to modify the meaning.]