I fight, therefore I am. (intelligence)

Glenn J. Conrad (g.conrad@MCI2000.com)
3 Jan 1997 10:45:05 GMT

G. Conrad@MCI2000.com
>1. Has it occurred to anyone that warfare may have been a huge factor
influencing the development of language? >>>Communication is a
formidable weapon if the other side lacks it.
>2. At some point in our pre-history, music and singing may have been
the premiere method of communications. >>>Music appears to be an
emotion-based medium useful for attracting mates and audiences even
today. With our >>>primitive 'inner brain' using complex
neurotransmitters to guide behavior via emotional motivations, music
was the >>>key to the soul. Language, being more efficient at
transcribing reality, took over the job. Humans now had the >>>means to
begin crawling out of their emotion-induced confusion. I would argue
that even today human behavior >>>averages much less than 50%
rationality, still basically emotion-based. Free will exists, but is
usually a hard or >>>unclear choice for most. Birds developed singing,
>3. The main uses for language today are to facilitate cooperation
(through communication) and to effect persuasion. In fact, knowing how
to persuade well is arguably far more valuable than simply
communicating well. This is not as surprising as it seems; implied in
the art of persuasion is a deep understanding of human motivations, and
applying such knowledge requires both intelligence and objectivity.
>4. It is likely that at the time of the dawn of agriculture, many
extremely intelligent people existed, perhaps even by today's
standards. This is likely because humans lived as individuals,
families, and small tribes prior to farming technology. Societies
formed upon the development of agriculture, and a societal individual
needs less intellect to survive because of societal support mechanisms
like economy, division of labor, storage of food, etc. Think about how
many would survive today if all societal resources disappeared beyond
memory. Those that lived then may have been surprisingly intelligent.