Re: Racism and ancient history

Dr. Doug (
2 Jan 1997 15:33:40 GMT

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> (Robert Snower) wrote:
>> The only way to lick a culture of racism is to offer an alternative:
>> a culture of individualism. Individual merit as against group
>I would counter that "culture of individualism" is a contradiction
>in terms, because culture is acquired in a social group and is shared
>by the members of that group. Also, becuase humans are social animals

>a "culture of individualism" is inherently anti-human.
>The best way to cure a culture of racism is to raise a generation of
>people who have been exposed to factual knowledge about what
>in skin color, hair form, language, religion, etc. mean, and, perhaps
>more importantly, what they don't mean. One way to do this would be to

>make anthropology a part of everyone's general education. I'm for it!

>Any seconds?
>Ron Kephart
>University of North Florida

Let's stick to the subject, ok? Racism and ancient history. Otherwise
we lose the focus and miss out on some great information.

Dr. Doug