Re: Pro and con postmodernism (was: CFP: Postmod ling anth) [LONG]

Gordon Fitch (
28 Jan 1995 22:06:33 -0500

Cameron Laird (claird@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM) wrote:
| : another part of the answer is that testable hypotheses
| : *can* be an oppression, and that some of the actions (Wing-Hoi Chan (GD 1999)):
| does that imply non-testable hypotheses (or testable non-hypotheses)
| *cannot* be an oppression and are therefore preferable?

My logic may be weak, but it seems to me that nothing has
been said about non-testable hypotheses or testable non-
hypotheses. Where are all the logicians that were hanging
around here a few minutes ago? They're always giving you
tickets, and then you can never find one when you need one.

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