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Jason Fliegel (jbf9a@darwin.clas.Virginia.EDU)
Thu, 26 Jan 1995 05:09:34 GMT

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solomon taibi <> wrote:
>3) Bilateral -- All aspects of one's lineage are inherited equally
> from both parents, usually with some patrilineal
> features like name inheritance from the father.
>This is what is called "patrilineal" in the Jewish community.
>Isn't this what all civilized people do? Huh? :)
>4) Bilineal -- One's lineage is inherited from both parents, but
> not all aspects equally. For example one might
> inherit family identity from the father, but
> tribal identity from the mother.
>What kind of wierd thing is that? Who does that? The Papuans????
Isn't Judaism closer to Bilineal than Bilateral? We inherit our religion
from our mothers and our tribal identity from our fathers. Or is that
what you meant by the smilies?

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