Re: Social Engineering (was: Different patriarchy Model)

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>> John Cook writes:
>> I find it difficult to believe that anyone who wants to adapt, or see
>> other people adapt successfully, to our communications intensive,
>> technological, industrial environment is willing to say that they should
>> not adopt norms that prohibit bashing someone because they get high marks
>> on an algebra test. This is what the above quote seems to actually refuse
>> to condemn. If people actually think that anyone will get far with this
>> behavior they're as loopy as the fools who beat me up thirty years ago for
>> the same thing, and are now wondering where their sawmill jobs vanished
>> to.
>> Tom Billings

>The fools who beat you up were probably far from loopy, beating you up was
>probably one of he only avenues left to them as a way of saying who they
>were in relation to say, capitalism, as a social order. Go read some Marx

Bashing someone who does better is pathological, regardless of the supposed
justification. And you might show evidence that Marx wrote anything of value
before referencing his writing.

>Newton's three laws of motion are a norm that oppresses someone who has
>rouble understanding them and using them.

Excuse me?

>John Cook.

>PS Due to some software confusion my posting have been previously
>transmitted on John Marshall's account. I am not John Marshall. This
>problem has hopefully been rectified. My apologiesfor any confusion.

Bob C.
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